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Fresh Breakfast

Our firm focus on Freshness and Flavour, whilst living up to today's ever growing dietary demands.

We have ensued that our food menu is as dietary requirement friendly as possible. Just because you live by a specific diet, shouldn't limit your choice and enjoyment when visiting a restaurant.


Gluten Free Friendly: Our food menu is gluten free as standard. We have only a small number of items that are available 'none gluten free' making our kitchen extremely celioc friendly.


Vegan Friendly: 80% of our food menu is vegan friendly as standard, meaning lots of choice for guests with dairy tolerances along with guests following a vegan lifestyle.


Balanced Diet: Our food menu is designed around a balanced healthy diet, with a great range of wholesome produce and health boosting recipes, it's perfect for those looking to indulge into a delicious dish, without having to worry about over consumption regret.