Our food menu is designed from delicious, popular dishes from around the globe, with the use of fresh, natural ingredients, to enhance the flavour and goodness of every dish. 

Dietary requirements.


Gluten Free Friendly: The vast majority of our food menu is gluten free as standard. We have only a small number of items that are available 'none gluten free' making our kitchen very celioc friendly. 


Vegan Friendly: Due to our focus being based on fresh nutritious produce a large proportion of our food menu is vegan friendly as standard, meaning lots of choice for guests with dairy tolerances along with guests following a vegan lifestyle.


Balanced Diet: Our food menu is designed around fresh, nutritious and wholesome foods, perfect for those looking to indulge into a delicious dish, without having to worry about over consumption regret.

Bonne Santé Plymouth

The Custom House


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